Campus Crates Terms & Conditions

Storage, Pack Store Ship, Shipping, and Moving Services:

Your registration with Campus Crates (“CC”) and your purchase of our services is subject to the following Purchase Terms and Conditions (“Purchase Terms”), together with our website Privacy Policy Terms (“Privacy Policy”), which are incorporated into these Purchase Terms.


1. Service Details

a. Storage and Short-Term Storage Services (“Storage”) – Storage shall include the pick-up, storage, and delivery of the Customer’s belongings. Upon registration, you will schedule a requested pick-up date. You agree that CC will pre-determine “free pick-up” and “free delivery” dates per school, based on respective school schedules, and all other dates may be subject to a fee. You agree to be present for the pick-up of all items or have an Alternative Representative present. CC will pick up pre-packed belongings and store all items in a climate-controlled storage facility determined at CC’s sole discretion. CC will deliver your belongings upon completion of the storage term or make the items available for pick-up at a designated location. The Customer agrees that they will confirm the delivery address and date through CC’s provided delivery form.

b. Ship to School Services (“Ship to School”) – Ship to School shall include the Customer shipping packages to CC, at which CC will store and deliver belongings to the Customer’s college residence. Upon registration, you may request shipping labels and boxes to be emailed or mailed to you. The availability of boxes is subject to CC inventory, your registration date, and the CC provided registration deadlines listed on the CC website. Customer agrees that CC is not responsible for any delays, damage, or lost packages that occur in transit prior to CC receipt of items. Customer agrees to pursue insurance or other claim reimbursements with the online retail vendor or shipping provider used in the event of damage in shipping transit. CC will inspect all incoming shipped boxes only for damage to the exterior packaging. Customer agrees to remit payment to CC for the costs of all provided UPS shipping labels that are used by the Customer. Customer agrees to remit payment to CC for the price per-item for each box received, stored, and delivered as outlined on the CC website. Customer agrees that late arrival of boxes or rush delivery of boxes with respect to CC Ship to School deadline for each school may result in a surcharge per-box as listed on the CC website.

c. Moving Services (“Moving”) Moving shall constitute hourly moving services. Customer will schedule CC to move belongings at a specific date, time, and location. Customer agrees to pay CC for each mover’s labor, per-hour. The moving rate will be determined by the number of movers and the number of stair flights for the move. There is a 1 hour minimum for all hourly moving services and additional time will be billed per 15-minute pro-rated period. CC will provide a truck rental only upon registration request, which the Customer agrees to pay for based on the CC provided quote. All items moved will be protected via insurance coverage only as stipulated in this agreement. For additional insurance, the Customer agrees they will purchase additional insurance coverage per-item upon registration of moving or through their third party insurer of choice.

d. Ship Home Services (“Ship Home”) Ship Home shall constitute the shipment of Customer’s designated items. CC will serve only as an intermediary for the collection and forwarding of the Customer’s items to the shipping facility designated by CC. Each package shipped through UPS will have a declared value of $100 subject to carrier terms and conditions unless otherwise requested by the Customer at pick-up or registration, at which the Customer must pay CC for both the additional declared value with CC and the Shipping Carrier. Ship Home may require a pick up fee, to be quoted by CC, or can be included as part of your PSS or Storage service. Customer can expect items to be shipped within 5 business days of CC pick-up and Customer payment. Customer agrees to provide the shipping address upon registration of services and CC is not responsible for shipment to the address provided in the event of Customer providing an inaccurate address. Customer agrees to process any claims with the Shipping Carrier in the event of loss or damage and to notify the shipping carrier of any loss or damage within 14 days of delivery or scheduled delivery. Customer acknowledges that CC will have no liability for the loss or damage of items in-transit that have been shipped through a designated Shipping Carrier.

e. Pack Store Ship Services (“PSS”) PSS shall include the packing, pick-up, storage and/or shipment of Customer belongings. PSS service terms are consistent with all terms mentioned in this agreement for Storage, Ship Home, and Moving services. CC will additionally pack up items upon specific request of Customer, with or without Customer present. In the event that Customer is not present, Customer agrees that CC will not be responsible for the clean-up of any belongings that are not stored or shipped through CC. Customer agrees that upon PSS service pick-up, they will consent that all items have been packed according to their request. After the PSS pick-up, CC is not responsible for any items that are not in the packed boxes for storage or shipment. CC will transport boxes to a CC designated Shipping Carrier or CC storage facility as designated by the Customer. CC will deliver all stored belongings consistent with normal storage terms at the end of the storage period. Customer acknowledges that CC liability for services is only as outlined in this agreement.

2. Registration

a. All CC services are made available only at registration and no service will be considered reserved without online registration, registration payment, and confirmation by Campus Crates. The Customer acknowledges that all registration submissions for services are dependent on CC availability and confirmation. Phone and email do not constitute reservation of any CC service. We appreciate your assistance in this matter by registering for all services through our Account feature.

b. The Customer may make changes at no cost to reservations in advance of service date through their online Account or Change Request form. Please note that all changes are subject to availability and specific deadlines for changes may apply based on the service and school. Customer agrees that last minute changes may constitute a last minute change fee, which is defined based on the type of service.

3. Box Distribution

a. Storage boxes CC will make available boxes to registered storage Customers within a one- or two-week window prior to each school move out. Boxes may also be available for pick up at our select partner stores or other locations or through delivery for a fee. Delivery of boxes is subject to availability and school market. Customer agrees to return all boxes that are not used through the CC Storage service to our select designated The UPS Store or partner locations or the CC storage team. The Customer authorizes CC to charge their credit card for the retail price of any box that is not used through the service or returned to CC.

b. Ship to School boxesCC will make available boxes to registered Customers who register prior to the deadline for boxes for each school. Boxes will be shipped to each Customer at their registered address. CC is not responsible for any boxes that fail to arrive through the shipping carrier. Customer agrees to return all boxes that are not used through CC Ship to School service. Customer authorizes CC to charge their credit card for the retail price of any box that is not used through the service or returned to CC in a reusable condition as deemed by CC.

4. Pick-up and Delivery

a. Customer agrees that CC will not be held liable for any damage to belongings prior to pick-up or after delivery has occurred. In the event that the Customer or Authorized Representative is not present during their scheduled pick-up, CC will not be responsible for any belongings that are not present or available for pick-up. No additional insurance coverage will be provided to items picked up without Customer or Authorized Representative present. In the event that the Customer or Authorized Representative is not present during their scheduled delivery, CC may leave their belongings outside their room at CC’s sole discretion and CC’s liability will cease. If the Customer or Authorized Representative is absent during delivery, the signature of the CC team member making the delivery will serve as evidence that the Customer’s items are in good condition upon delivery.

b. At some of our partner universities or colleges, we may arrange for delivery prior to your arrival if you live on-campus. By registering with CC and living on-campus at these partner schools, you agree that CC may deliver these items prior to your arrival. CC will make their best efforts to take pictures as evidence of the belongings condition upon delivery. Upon delivery, the Customer agrees that only loss or damage caused by the negligence of CC will be covered by the CC insurance policy, as described in these Terms and Conditions.

c. CC will provide pick-up or delivery time-windows as agreed upon at registration or delivery request. CC will make all best efforts to execute pick-up, moving, and delivery of items on-schedule and on-time. CC agrees to contact the Customer prior to arrival and keep the Customer informed as reasonably possible in the event of schedule delays. In the event of a late pick-up or delivery, Customer agrees that CC is not responsible for any adverse effects of this late arrival. CC will not be held responsible to reimburse Customer for late arrival, but may provide benefit toward future services at the sole discretion of CC.

5. Packing Instructions & Requirements

a. The Customer acknowledges that they will read all CC Packing Instructions prior to service. Customer agrees that all items will be packed in accordance with the provided instructions as well as the shipping carrier’s packaging requirements, as applicable. CC reserves the right to refuse any box or item presented for storage or shipping. Customer agrees that CC has the right to open or inspect any package as needed for safety purposes.

b. The Customer acknowledges that all packed items will be in accordance with CC Packing Instructions provided and the below requirements, otherwise storage service will not be provided. In the event that your items are in conflict with these requirements, you assume all responsibility and liability for items. You will indemnify and hold harmless CC in the event of damage or loss. You acknowledge:

i. All items are your property

ii. None of the packed items are illegal with respect to applicable federal, state, provincial, and local government laws

iii. Items do not include jewelry, firearms, cash, explosives, perishable, liquids of any type, or hazardous materials

iv. Items are not of sentimental value or irreplaceable in the event of damage or theft

v. No single item or box has a value of more than $500 (USD). All items with value in excess of $100 (USD) should be properly insured through purchase of additional CC insurance otherwise the released value is $100 (USD).

6. Insurance Coverage

a. All CC Customers automatically have coverage of $100 (USD) per box or item that is stored, moved, or shipped. Customer agrees that the CC liability for each box is up to $100 (USD) or for unboxed items, up to $0.60 (USD) per pound with a maximum value of $100 (USD). Additional insurance may be purchased at pick-up or registration of service only. Additional insurance pricing is available on the CC website and is offered per-item in increments of $100 (USD). The max insurance that may be purchased per item is $500 (USD) and $2,000 (USD) for the entirety of the Storage Contract. Unless the Customer purchases additional insurance for a specific item prior to service pick-up or shipment, the Customer agrees that the released value of the item is a maximum of $100 (USD).

b. CC insurance coverage is limited to items or boxes that are enclosed in secure packaging (such as boxes or plastic bins) or furniture items that are wrapped and protected. CC may store the following items, but Customer agrees that insurance will not be provided:

i. Particle board or assembled furniture

ii. TV’s without bubble wrap and in a box (CC is not responsible for bubble-wrapping or putting a TV in a box)

iii. Mattress, box springs and mattress pads that are not in a protective cover

iv. Breakable items or furniture that are not properly bubble wrapped and protected

c. Customer acknowledges that CC will have no liability for the loss or damage to the following items:

i. Cash

ii. Jewelry, coins, and collectables

iii. Items of sentimental or intangible value

iv. Extremely fragile items (e.g. mirrors, glass)

v. Improperly or inadequately packed items

vi. Unpackaged loose items, including furniture that is not wrapped and protected prior to pick-up

vii. Damage to electronic equipment if the item is not packed in the original manufacturer supplied container and there is no evidence of physical damage to the packaging container

viii. Items with concealed or internal damage

ix. Minor damage due to normal handling in moving transit (including but not limited to scratches, nicks, and cuts)

x. Damage due to natural disasters, acts of terror, war, or acts of God

xi. Assembled furniture or particleboard

xii. Damage to the exterior of storage containers (e.g., plastic totes, suitcases)

xiii. Loss or damage occurring while the items are not in the possession of CC

d. Customer agrees upon registration that CC’s maximum liability for loss, damage, expense or cost incurred as a result of CC storage, moving, or shipping is limited by the terms included in this Agreement.

e. In the event of loss or damage as defined by this Agreement, Customer must notify CC of any lost or damaged items within 48 hours of delivery. All damaged boxes must be opened by the Customer at the time of delivery and inspected by the CC representative for documentation. Customer agrees they will complete a CC provided Claim Form within 14 days following delivery of the damaged item. Customer must provide valid receipt and evidence of replacement value. Claims will be considered waived if they are not filed within 14 days of service delivery. Upon approval of Claim, CC will disburse the lesser of the following amounts:

i. The cost of reasonably restoring the property to its original condition provided to CC (in the event of damage)

ii. The actual replacement value of the property, up to $100 or the Declared Value of the item.

iii. The amount of insurance on the box or item:

1. $100 if no additional insurance was purchased

2. The amount of additional insurance per specific item that was purchased at registration or pick-up

3. $500 (the maximum amount of insurance that may have been purchased per specific item)

7. Service Pricing

a. All pricing will be in accordance with the pricing listed on the CC website for each respective service. Customer acknowledges that registration of a service constitutes acceptance of CC prices and service terms. Customer agrees that CC may charge the following additional fees in accordance with the service:

i. Late change of Delivery Day/Time/Location – $25

ii. Pick-up or Delivery outside ‘FREE Dates’ – $25 – $100

iii. Last minute Pick-Up or Delivery – $25 – 50

Iv. Cancelation fee after confirmation or box pickup – $25

v. Multiple pick-up or delivery attempts – $50

Vi. Pickup and Delivery with less than 3 items – $50

vii. Late payment fee – $25 per 30 days late

viii. Extra heavy boxes (greater than 50 lbs) – $25

ix. Uncleaned and non-defrosted appliances – $25

x. Unreturned boxes – retail price of the box

8. Payment for Services

a. The Customer agrees to pay a registration fee by credit card on the CC website to reserve space for services. Registration fees for Storage after May 1st or Ship to School after August 1st are non-refundable. Registration fees are also non-refundable upon any of the following:

i. Pick-up of boxes

ii. Mailing or e-mailing of labels

iii. Shipment of boxes

iv. Within 7 days in advance of storage pick-up

b. Customer agrees to remit payment for the total cost of services performed by CC consistent with pricing on the CC website and this Agreement. Customer agrees that the full cost of services is due upon receipt of a payable invoice. Customer acknowledges that they may also request CC to charge the card utilized at registration, when possible. In the event of late payment as designated by the invoice, CC may charge a late-payment fee and every subsequent 30 days thereafter for lack of payment.

c. Customer agrees that registration of services and payment on the CC website will allow CC the ability to charge the Customer’s credit card or bank account in the future for utilized services without a payable invoice. Customer authorizes CC to charge the credit card provided at registration for any utilized service, applicable fees, or in the event of non-payment after invoice has been sent.

d. Customer agrees that the only valid payment for CC services is via credit card or bank transfer. CC may accept check at our provided mailbox only upon prior approval and usage of services. CC DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH and CC representatives should not be paid for services via cash, excluding tips. Customer agrees to these available payment methods and that no cash payment will be considered valid for CC services.

9. Extended Storage and Abandonment

a. In the event that a Customer does not schedule the delivery of their belongings, they will be offered the ability to extend storage duration at applicable rates or ship items home. CC may offer extended storage at discounted rates per the CC website. CC will make all reasonable efforts to contact the Customer. Customer acknowledges that lack of communication with CC and non-payment for extended storage upon the completion of a pervious storage term will result in items being designated as abandoned. CC has the right to assume ownership of any abandoned property 90 days after the service completion date.

10. Independent Contractors

a. CC team members are largely comprised of college students at your respective university. CC utilizes independent contractors and vendors to perform its services. Upon registering for CC services, you acknowledge the use of these independent contractors and agree that you have no contractual agreement with any of these third parties.

11. Privacy Policy

Customer agrees that through use of the CC website or by registering for any CC service, that they are in agree with the CC Privacy Policy in entirety, which is available on the CC website, as well as all of the below listed terms.

a. Customer agrees that all provided information will be available to CC for CC business, billing, and marketing purposes only. Customer agrees that CC may utilize their information through other related systems and applications for CC business purposes only. CC will not sell or share your information to any person or business unrelated to the execution, billing, or marketing of CC services.

b. Customer acknowledges that registration of a service will create an account on the CC website with a login and password. Customer may change information or delete their account at any time. Customer agrees that CC will still have access to previously entered data through prior account registrations.

c. Customer agrees that registration and submission of contact information for themselves and any related party (e.g. parents) constitutes their acceptance to receive non-marketing and marketing emails or text messages from CC. Customer agrees that they have consent to provide such contact information. Customer acknowledges that CC representatives or team members may also contact the Customer on the company’s behalf.

d. Communication with Customer may include, but is not limited to, pick up and drop off communication, customer service or billing inquiries, and marketing efforts. Customer may opt out of CC communications at any time upon written notice.

12. Affiliation

a. Campus Crates is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by any university or college unless specifically noted otherwise.

13. Texas Law

a. Campus Crates was founded and is controlled in the State of Texas. As such, the laws of Texas will govern these Purchase and Privacy Terms.

14. Agreement Compliance

a. Upon registering with CC for any service, you acknowledge and accept the above stated Purchase and Privacy Terms in entirety. CC reserves the right to change the above Agreement terms at any time and will provide notice on its website in this event.

15. Contact Information

a. To contact CC with any questions regarding our Purchase or Privacy Terms, please email our team at