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Storage Frequently Asked Questions

A. We advise booking with us as soon as you know you are going to need summer or study abroad term storage. With that said, we never turn away customers.

A. Yes!  For any term 1 month or less the pricing is discounted by 30%. We can also offer a custom quote based on the amount of belongings you may have.

A. We sure do. Pricing is per term, and there are 3 terms during the year.  Spring is Jan-April. Summer is May – August.  Fall is September – December.  If you are storing for back to back terms, the additional terms are priced at 50% of the initial term.

A.  Payment is due at the time of your pickup via credit or debit card.  We do not accept cash however we do accept checks and for some international students, we do accept Paypal transfers.

A. We charge per piece per term. Please refer to our pricing list on the storage page of our website.

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Pickup/Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

A.  In the event that a student needs their storage pick up or delivery outside our scheduled dates for their school, we do offer custom deliveries/ pick ups.  With the minimum of 3 items/boxes or more and 72 hours advance notice, custom pickups are free.  Custom delivery dates incur a fee of $49.  Remember, we have many delivery dates available for free, which are available for your selection upon pick-up and can be modified later.  Student must be present for all custom deliveries.

A.  Yes, our warehouses are climate controlled and within 10 miles of each university campus. We pick it up, store it for you, and deliver it directly back to you! Not a student? We’re still happy to help with your storage needs!

A. Yes, we can ship or deliver your storage anywhere you like through The UPS Store. Please contact us for rates.

A.  Upon registration, you are allowed to select a window of dates for pick-up during Final Exam week and the days immediately following. If these dates do not work for your circumstances, please contact us.

A. Special arrangements can be made for us to pull items early. We kindly ask you to give us 48 hours notice. Custom deliveries are priced at $49 if a change is needed to be made beyond the initially scheduled free delivery.

A. Ideally, yes. However, we do make exceptions if you cannot be present but give advance notice – please inquire.

A. We ask that you register online at minimum of 72 hours (3 days) prior to your scheduled pickup or delivery. If you schedule later than that, we will do our best to accommodate you but we cannot guarantee service on a date so close to your registration. For the best selection, we recommend registering as early as possible!

A. Yes, we can pick up inside, but curbside pickup/delivery is much faster for us and you if you’d like.  So if you have your items waiting for us near the curb, you score 10% off your total bill!

A. Our boxes are just complimentary.  You may use your own boxes, plastic totes, tubs, trunks, or whatever you wish to store your belongings in. Just be sure that the construction of the container is sturdy.

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Boxes Frequently Asked Questions

A. We can, for $15, except during move out week.

A. You may take an unlimited amount of boxes provided you use them for storage. If the additional boxes are not used for storage, just give them back to us when we pick up your storage.  For boxes that are taken and not used for storage, your account will be charged the retail price of the boxes.

A. Upon registration, you may pick up your boxes at The UPS Store location at 8th St. right next to Common Grounds. You may also pick up boxes from the convenient kiosks on campus during Finals week.

A. No. We will simply match the size of your box or plastic tote for example to our sizing and pricing guide accordingly.

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Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, through our Ship to School program. We will receive and store your items in our climate controlled warehouse, and deliver them to you when you get here. We can even send you the boxes and labels for you to use included in the price! You are also welcome to ship us your online retailer packages from vendors such as Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond.

A. Yes. We offer a convenient Ship to Home option for all students. You can do this as part of your normal Storage pick-up for some of the several items or simply bring the items to The UPS Store or an on-campus kiosk during Finals week.

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Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

A. There are several items that cannot be insured. Glass or extremely fragile items, particleboard furniture, cash, and jewelry are a few. Please note that the $100 is per item stored, not each individual article contained with a box/bin.  Please see the Storage Contract for Terms and Conditions.

A. Yes. Each package comes with an automatic $100.00 of declared value coverage. If you wish, you may purchase additional declared value coverage for a rate of $4.00 per $100.00 of value. In order to insure any of your storage, the customer must inform our drivers at the time of pickup and indicate the specific items insured on the Storage Contract.

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