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The Battle of Fall Allergies

As a college student, fighting off lingering allergies is not an ideal way to utilize your time. In order to implement a battle plan, you first must understand the enemy. The main culprit of fall allergies is due to a plant, ragweed, that releases pollen from August through November. 75% of people battling allergies are found to be allergic to this plant! Top Symptoms of Ragweed: Sneezing Irritated eyes Itchy throat Runny nose or [...]

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The Week That Keeps On Giving: Homecoming

Homecoming Traditions Homecoming is such an exciting time on any college campus since it brings university traditions to life while reuniting alumni. After a year of zero student activities at many schools, homecoming is more than just an event; it was like a family reunion that didn’t make you want to stay home or hide from that weird cousin.   The University of Missouri is often credited with having the first college homecoming in 1911. [...]

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Tips for Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment is just around the corner. As a former Zeta Tau Alpha at Baylor University, I know the recruitment process can be tiring and intimidating. If you are going through rush or thinking about rushing at your university, here are a few of my top sorority recruitment tips to help ease your mind. Best of luck this fall or spring! 6 Tips for Sorority Recruitment 1. Keep an open mind It is sometimes [...]

A Day in the Life of a College Student – Q&A with Matthew Warden

It’s no secret that college students are extremely busy. Between classes, tests and homework, students must have proper time management habits in order to balance it all. Not to mention that the social aspect of college life full of extracurricular activities, clubs and spending time with friends leaves students with even more to juggle. Some students even chose to work a job or internship while in school in order to earn money or gain [...]

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6 Ways to Earn Money this Summer

School is out for the summer and it’s the perfect time to earn a little extra cash. Many college students don’t realize that there are many unique opportunities to earn money without even leaving the house. Whether you are looking for something full-time, or to piece together several part-time opportunities, here are a few ways to make good money this summer. 1. Summer job/internship Perhaps the most traditional suggestion is to apply for a [...]

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Top Summer Vacation Spots

Summer vacation is the perfect time to blow off some steam. After a semester full of quizzes, exams, and other academic priorities, it is time to sit back and have a relaxing time with friends and family. Traveling is always a go-to for the summer, and the amount of places to discover is endless. Although it may be difficult to travel this summer due to Covid, we love to be optimistic and at the [...]

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