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Tips for Starting a New Semester

Tips for Starting a New Semester Starting a new semester is always exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. New classes, new friends, and new opportunities also means new responsibilities, obligations and commitments—it’s a lot to figure out all at once. Everyone wants to have it all, the social and academic balance, but it can be difficult to manage once you’re already in the thick of it. If week 1 didn't go your way, [...]

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How to Become a Morning Person

Oftentimes college students try to avoid early classes, but waking up early will help lead to a more productive lifestyle.  No one looks forward to hearing their alarm go off, which causes lots of us to hit snooze once, twice, or way too many times than we should. Then we realize we are late and have to rush out the door to get to class. Despite having to leave the comfort of our beds, [...]

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The Joy of March Madness

While over 350 teams were eligible to win the NCAA tournament at the beginning of the season, the pool has now been narrowed down to 64 as March Madness is upon us. This is an exciting time for fans of schools that have been included in the tournaments, as upsets and Cinderella stories are commonplace. Luckily for us at Campus Crates, we have multiple schools represented in the NCAA tournament, and 1 in the [...]

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Recharging during the Break

Spring. Break. The two words that get every college student's attention in the second semester.  In the middle of the semester students often find themselves tired and burnt out. The end of the semester seems so far away and their battery is running low. And that’s when Spring Break comes at the perfect time. The chance to relax and have a week full of endless possibilities causes everyone to be buzzing about their Spring [...]

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Restarting New Year’s Resolutions

The start of the New Year marks an exciting time for everyone. Whether you’re a believer in goals or resolutions, most people are hopeful of what the new year may bring. However bold we might be coming out of the holiday season into the fresh unknown, it can certainly be hard to follow through on those goals.  Studies as of 2016 show that only 9 percent of Americans who set New Year’s resolutions feel [...]

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Thanksgiving Break

As classes start to wrap up and the air grows colder, the holiday cheer begins to set in. For many college students, Thanksgiving break is the time to catch up on much-needed sleep and enjoy quality family time.  However, this holiday break also marks the beginning of finals season, and if you’re lucky enough not to have any homework, you’ll have an ample amount of time to study. It’s easy to forget to be [...]

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