Customer Reviews

“I absolutely loved being able to use Campus Crates. With my family being halfway across the country, it was amazing to be able to just pack up the boxes I was given and have them picked up by some great guys and stored for me all summer. And then they were delivered back to me when I moved in for a new school year. It was wonderful not having to worry about storing my things or having to go get them myself. It took a lot of stress off of my family and I. I would highly recommend using their service!”

- Taryn Koroschetz (Baylor Student)

“Being out of state and having to move our daughter from her dorm to storage is difficult, then just add COVID 19. I was so so thankful to have had the opportunity to be able to coordinate her move from TCU, easily, and at such a wonderful price. The movers came when they said they would, my daughter was able to secure all of the boxes she needed AND it was a seamless experience! Then, when she was moved back to campus and her sorority, it was the same wonderful experience. I want to thank Campus Crates, servicing the TCU campus, for your professionalism, for your promptness and for getting a job done without having to worry. You have me as a customer for the next three years! THANK YOU!!!”

- Sue Summer (TCU Parent)

“If you don’t know where to keep your stuff while you’re away for the summer, look no further than campus crates. They are keep your stuff safe and in excellent shape and the price is not that bad. I entrusted them with my stuff and when I moved back to Austin, they delivered everything in excellent shape and since I wasn’t able to be there at the time, they didn’t hesitate to leave my stuff right outside the door with no problem. I also live about 25 minutes away from UT and there was no complaint with the distance from UT. excellent, safe and smoothest choice to keep your stuff”

- Stepanie Laynez (UT Austin Student)

Our experience with Campus Crates was exceptional and we’ll be using them again!! As we looked into storage options for our student after her first year at SMU we contacted a few businesses. Even though it was also Campus Crates’ first year at SMU, we went with them because they were responsive, personal and helpful upfront and prices were reasonable. They did not disappoint!! A variety of boxes were easy to pick up – and no charge for any she didn’t use. They communicated well throughout the pick up and delivery days and were right on time when we needed them to be there at her dorm on both ends. Everyone was very polite and professional, and all items were delivered in perfect condition. We feel fortunate to have discovered Campus Crates!”

- Kristy Harris (SMU Parent)

“Overall we had a great experience with Campus Crates. They were very responsive to the tons of questions that arose during the process of shipping boxes and having them delivered. We are an out of state family so this service was great for us. We shipped many boxes (the ones directly from Campus Crates) as well as many from Amazon and other retailers online. Our boxes were stored in their facilities safely and delivered on the day of move in. The delivery staff were extremely pleasant and helpful bringing the boxes to our daughters room. We would definitely use Campus Crates again.”

- Laurie Zucker (UT Austin Parent)

“I cannot say enough great things about Campus Crates. We had a death in the family during spring semester move out and Campus Crates worked with my daughter to arrange for an adjusted move out schedule in order for my daughter to get home to North Carolina. These young men are professional and excellent at what they do, not to mention kind and tender hearted. I recommend them without reservation and look forward to using them each year that our daughter is at school and needs help moving! They are the BEST!”

- Frances George (Baylor parent)

“I had an amazing experience with Campus Crates! The movers were so helpful and sweet, and those who I spoke to over the phone were also very accommodating and patient! They did everything that they could to help me get my things on time. None of my items were broken, and they were really careful with all of my boxes. I appreciate their service, and I will be using them to store my things again!”

- Mya Estrada (TCU Student)

“Considering the amount of stress students (like me) are under during finals week, not having to also stress about storage was a huge relief especially when your belongings are picked up directly from your room and returned by the time you move back. The Campus Crates team is fantastic and provides excellent customer service.”

- Ada Rodriguez (Baylor Student)

“Campus Crates is an incredible service. They were always willing to cater to your needs without any negativity. During the pickup and delivery of my items, the employees were flexible and communicated with my roommates when I wasn’t able to be there at the exact time. This service was the perfect solution for holding everything you need for college during the summer and delivering it back to you perfectly when you return back to campus.”

- Sydney Bell (UT Austin Student)

“We have used Campus Crates for 3 years as my daughter is an out of state student. We pack and store about 30 boxes. All are picked up at the end of the school year and then delivered the following year. No hauling to the storage unit and back or home and back and try to find a place for it. They do it all! The best thing when my daughter was a Freshman, as we purchased items for her dorm and we shipped straight from the vendor to Campus Crates and they delivered everything to her dorm. This year she had an apartment and we had IKEA furniture delivered to Campus Crates and they brought it to her rental unit. I don’t know how she would have gone to a school that’s 1,000 miles away without the help of Campus Crates! Highly Highly recommend!”

- Beverly Binder (Baylor Parent)