Customer Reviews

“I absolutely loved being able to use Campus Crates. With my family being halfway across the country, it was amazing to be able to just pack up the boxes I was given and have them picked up by some great guys and stored for me all summer. And then they were delivered back to me when I moved in for a new school year. It was wonderful not having to worry about storing my things or having to go get them myself. It took a lot of stress off of my family and I. I would highly recommend using their service!”

– Taryn K.

“Campus Crates makes it so unbelievably easy to have your student’s belongings stored and delivered to their dorm room. My daughter moved out of her dorm room freshman year and moved into her dorm room her sophomore year with their help, and not mine. Although I would have loved to have been there, I didn’t have to be. Campus Crates saved me so much money! No airfare, no hotel accommodations, no storage unit rental, no truck rental, etc. Thank you Campus Crates!”

– Christine G.

“I simply can’t say enough positive about these guys. Ryan and his team are extremely reliable and always go the extra mile. My daughter transferred to a school in NY from Baylor; a lot of people would have left us on our own but these guys helped us every step of the way, carefully packing and shipping Maggie’s things and taking care of her car. And doing all of this without any of us in Texas! I can’t imagine any other company doing this, especially knowing that we wouldn’t be back the next semester. I would recommend Campus Crates to anyone!

– Michael S.

“Campus Crates was so helpful in helping me move and store my things! I used them to come and get all of my stuff from one house, store it all summer while I was in-between leases and then they moved everything into my new house that fall! Each person I encountered was so kind and helpful! I used them again to move all of my stuff out of town in April and again had an amazing experience! I would definitely recommend using Campus Crates to move and store your items!”

– Courtney C.

“I cannot say enough great things about Campus Crates. We had a death in the family during spring semester move out and Campus Crates worked with my daughter to arrange for an adjusted move out schedule in order for my daughter to get home to North Carolina. These young men are professional and excellent at what they do, not to mention kind and tender hearted. I recommend them without reservation and look forward to using them each year that our daughter is at school and needs help moving! They are the BEST!”

– Frances G.