Ship to School 

Here’s How It Works.


Upon registration, we will start shipping your free boxes in early July! Sign up by July 26th to receive free boxes and labels in time to ship (shipping labels are still available via email after registration deadline) 
Date items must be received to guarantee on-time delivery: Baylor – August 8th, TCU, St. Edwards and UT Austin – August 10th, SMU – Not Available

“Campus Crates was outstanding! My daughter moved from California to start her freshman year. I had been placing many orders thru Amazon & also sending her personal belongings to Campus Crates. When we arrived for move-in EVERY BOX had been delivered into her dorm- with no damages to any of the boxes. I would highly recommend Campus Crates!”

- Janet De Marco (Baylor Parent)

“Campus Crates made it easy for us to ship boxes of items for our son’s dorm room at TCU! They sent us the boxes and UPS labels and all we had to do was take them to our local UPS store! They delivered to our son’s room – within an hour of his check-in! They are a pleasure to work with and highly recommend!”

- Susan Graham (TCU Parent)

“Overall we had a great experience with Campus Crates. They were very responsive to the tons of questions that arose during the process of shipping boxes and having them delivered. We are an out of state family so this service was great for us. We shipped many boxes (the ones directly from Campus Crates) as well as many from Amazon and other retailers online. Our boxes were stored in their facilities safely and delivered on the day of move in. The delivery staff were extremely pleasant and helpful bringing the boxes to our daughters room. We would definitely use Campus Crates again.”

- Laurie Zucker (UT Austin Parent)

“Campus Crates was a great company to partner with to get my students belongings to the dorm room with little effort on our part. Labels and boxes were sent to our residence, we packed and shipped to Campus Crates, along with deliveries for my student from 3rd party sites. Move in day was a breeze as all was waiting for us to walk in and start unpacking. Thank you Campus Crates for a hassle free college move in day!!”

- Susan Napolitano (Baylor Parent)

Ship to School Pricing Per Box Includes:

Boxes, up to 2 months Climate Controlled Storage, & Delivery (shipping cost is separate)

Storage/Delivery Pricing:

Pricing for incoming boxes will be based on size similar to cube boxes’ volume mentioned above. We provide free boxes when they are used for Ship to School, otherwise you may return them or pay the retail cost per box. If you are sending any box or item over 50 pounds or large furniture (e.g. dresser, mattress), a 50% up-charge will apply. If boxes arrive after your school’s deadline, they are subject to a $20 rush delivery or extended storage fee per box. We recommend sending our free 18″ cube boxes to maximize your items packed or send online retailer packages like Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, or SWAKU!